"My phone call with Adrienne changed everything..."

Stuck + at a standstill?

Need my help?

Start moving forward with confidence.


I know videos are good for business BUT...

"I'm afraid I'll be nervous on camera"

"I was the one who was scared out of my wits to do a 30-second speech in college (WITH flash cards)"

"I just get nervous, stutter, and turn red"


I was jittery.

I was sweating.


I had big dreams. And I knew that my students/clients/customers were out there.

I was paralyzed with fear.

What if someone asked me a question I didn't know the answer to?

What if I stumbled over my words?

What if I forgot everything I wanted to say?

What if people didn't watch?

And then I realized, I was standing in the way of my success.

I realized that I had something to say and I needed to SAY IT NOW.


until I realized that that videos actually HELP my ideal customers:

➜ find me faster

➜ trust me quicker

➜ buy from me sooner

➜ benefit from my products easier

➜ rave about me to their friends

Then, I started teaching other entrepreneurs to do the same at in-person seminars like the Rising Tide Society's Tuesday's Together meeting in September:

These ladies were nervous to get started with live videos on Facebook.

After I gave them tips, strategies, ideas, encouragement, and accountability, they were on their way to standing out in each of their industries and WOWing their audiences with their genuine character and unique personalities.

AND they are getting results...fast!

Jordan received a custom order 10 MINUTES after doing her first live video on Facebook! By the end of the week, she had sold out of her custom modern stitch artwork pieces for the month. Return on her investment of making that video = worth it!

And guess what? Their videos started being shared by industry leaders in our community:

Bethaney is a wedding photographer. After she did a live video, a local wedding venue shared her live video to a huge audience of brides! Return on her investment of making that video = worth it!

My Coaching Style = Action Steps + Accountability

And a sprinkling of ENCOURAGEMENT.

I open a very limited number of spots for one-on-one coaching calls in my calendar per month.

After reading hundreds of emails from women like you with specific + time-sensitive questions...

I realized you gain the very best experience + get your questions answered if you are able to snag a spot on my calendar + we talk one-on-one.

My coaching calls are the way I can serve you best.
You get one-on-one attention + you can pick my brain directly.

Limited number of coaching spots available this month.

Secure your date + time on Adrienne's calendar before this month's dates are booked (currently 2 spots left for coaching calls this month):

You should book a one-on-one coaching session with me if:

You dream of gaining new clients, customers, and followers with ease.

You have tried everything you know to build your online presence...

And you have been discouraged with how little traction you are gaining. Everything is taking much longer + the results are much slower than you expected, even though you are spending so much of your time on social media posting and interacting. Since you are reading this, you crave a way to consistently book clients and customers by being yourself! You just haven't found a way to do that authentically + strategically yet.

You want to stop stressing about where the next customer will come from...

And start being yourself + letting them find you on their own. You want to see growth in yourself personally and in your business.  No more guesswork and fumbling around wasting time trying to figure it out on your own.


➜ Become clear on how to share what you do.

➜ Show your personality so your dream clients watch & come back for more.

➜ Create descriptions + titles for your video that draw people in to watch.

➜ Talk to your audience using powerful calls-to-action.

➜ Embrace the art and power of storytelling.

➜ Strategize for repurposing the videos to use on your website, in emails, + on other social media channels.

What you get during coaching:

  • You'll fill out a short questionnaire before to your coaching session.
  • I carefully read the information you give me. I'll spend time praying for you and for your situation.
  • I'll ask you to come with 3 main questions you want answered (write them down ahead of time so you remember them).
  • I'll come with 3 questions for you - to make you consider different angles, get to the heart of what you need, and help you move to the next step.
  • Together, we'll develop tangible actionable next steps for you and write due dates on your calendar.
  • After our call, I will send you a summary email with resources and links to helpful information relating about what we discussed on our call.

Limited number of coaching spots available this month.

Secure your date + time on Adrienne's calendar before this month's dates are booked (currently 2 spots left for coaching calls this month):

Janet M., Entrepreneur

"I think little wins like these will be so helpful in gaining confidence and momentum toward my “big goals.” I’ve learned so much from you already.

Mapping out my next steps and I am so excited to have more clarity in the direction I want to go with my small business."

Remember how I was so scared to record a live video?

Guess what? I was the only person standing in my own way. I had the expertise, I had the ability, I was just too scared to take that leap. When was the last time you truly took a leap of faith? And how did it pan out?

I honestly think the scariest part for me was starting and committing.

But it gets easier each time...especially when you start getting feedback from your unique community of people!

It fuels you to continue creating videos because you KNOW who you are talking to.


Soon, I didn't have to rely on my own motivation...

Why? Because now, my audience of followers are looking forward to more videos and giving me topic ideas all the time!


Your style, voice and content will evolve as you go. #growthmindset

Your community starts to fuel you.

You will build a quality community filled with amazing people who know you and want to hear what you have to share.

If you have something to say, SAY IT NOW.

I am here to help you.

Samantha L., Entrepreneur

"It was wonderful talking with you tonight. I’ve already starting mapping out the specific plan we talked about.

You're helping me make my ideas a reality. I’ve been working hard getting organized and focused on my goals. I've already taken several action steps so far. Thank you so much!"

And in case we haven't officially met yet...

I’m Adrienne, and I create online classes + Youtube videos to educate moms who feel worried, inadequate, helpless, anxious, and frustrated.

With a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders, I have been a American Speech-Language-Hearing Association certified Speech Language Pathologist since 2012. 

In other words, I sign my name with a fountain pen using my fancy-pants signature:
Adrienne, M.S. CCC-SLP.

I serve children who are in the birth to 3 year old age range in my state’s Early Intervention Speech Therapy program doing home-visits, where I coach + teach parents how to help their toddler talk by guiding them through a research-based hierarchy of the building blocks of talking skills.

  • I live in Kentucky with my husband + our rescue dog, Louie (AKA Louie-bear, pookie-bear, smoochie-bear, Mr. Bear...how do we have so many nicknames for such a little pup?).
  • My husband + I first met at a Swing Dancing event. If there is music + a dance floor, we’re out there doing some East Coast Swing moves + trying not to step on each others toes.
  • I am an INFP on the Myers Briggs Personality test. Yes...I am an introvert :)
  • Currently memorizing Colossians 3:1-17 with my small group. Have you heard of a memory palace...look it up...it totally worked for me to memorize 17 verses! I am a Christian + am thankful that my hope and rest is not found in this broken world.
  • I’m a peppermint tea kinda gal. I have tried force myself to enjoy a cup of coffee...buuuuut sadly, it tastes like hot lima bean juice to me. Trust me, I've tried to like coffee...I just can't. make. myself.

You are one phone call away from your breakthrough.

Limited number of coaching spots available this month.

Secure your date + time on Adrienne's calendar before this month's dates are booked (currently 2 spots left for coaching calls this month):

I'm ready to schedule my session. Let's do this!

You love the creative side of business, but desperately need help with aspects such as: strategic planning, video creation, consistent branding, organization, compelling copywriting, and effective content.

You're thinking to yourself, "I have so many ideas, but I feel paralyzed. I need help coming up with the big picture and an actual plan for my small business."

SESSION: A focused, 60-minute call where we'll discuss the areas you're struggling with most. You'll walk away with specific action items to start making progress. I save you time by sharing the platforms I have heavily researched, use, and trust so you can quickly help more people online by sharing what YOU know best.

I believe that you found my website for a reason.

For Entrepreneurs

  • I believe that entrepreneurs are called to serve.
  • I believe kindness always shines brightest. 
  • I believe there are people in the world who need the gift that you have to share.

You're in the right place.

You can get out of this rut...you need ideas + encouragement

Get results quickly. On our one-on-one coaching calls, I will shortcut your learning curve and help you gain confidence on camera so that you can WOW your dream customers and YOU may be the next success story.

Let's get your creative ideas flowing.

Let's refresh your heart.

So you can get back to doing what matters.

As seen in:

"We have different gifts...if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement... if it is to lead, do it diligently." Romans 12:6-8