How Can I Help My Toddler Talk?

Without feeling flustered and doubting myself?

The tantrums + toddler power-struggles are real...

Your (usually) sweet child has started screaming to get what he wants + he is busting your ear drums.

He doesn't understand the word "No."

Something has gotta change. 

Because you KNOW that your toddler has to be able to tell you what he needs. 

Imagine if, in 30 minutes, you had a game plan for getting him to talk, plus checklists, action steps, and videos that show you exactly how to help him?

THE blueprint to take your toddler from barely saying any words to talking in phrases.

You are searching for real-life examples + strategies that actually work.

You just want someone to SHOW you how to help your child talk. 

Simple things you can actually do at home. No fluff. Parents don't have time for fluff. Just give us the action steps, pleeeease!

No special prep or materials needed.


What are Moms who enrolled in this class saying?

  • "I've been trying to get my son to repeat words (with almost no success). In your "Small Wins With Toddlers" Online Class, you explained what we need to be working on at every step, it was such a relief. I can do that. I now feel like I have a game plan and look forward to working through it all with my son." ~Sandy J., Mom
  • Sandy J. (1 month later) "Update: My son has suddenly made extreme progress! Yay! He's becoming more vocal and imitating. This was the first time he tried saying towel!"
  • "I purchased the course and have already gone through all the modules and it is AWESOME! Thank you so much for doing this!" ~Amanda N., Mom
  • "Thanks So Much! My toddler has made so much progress! I teach children with cognitive delays, and know quite a few general communication strategies - so I'm ashamed to say I was a bit embarrassed and confused that my toddler was behind in his speech ("This is supposed to be my territory!"Lol) I really love that you make it so easy to implement communication into everyday routines. That is the very thing has made all the difference for me! Not spending so much time setting up intricate activities, just using my time to interact :)" ~Melissa, Mom
  • "I have actually implemented the bath time skills during regular activities which has been really encouraging. He started saying "Yes" a few weeks ago and that changed everything - less fits, less anger - all because we understand each other more. And there are still fits, but they are usually caused by not getting what he wants instead of me not understanding him. I love learning from you and doing your program." Lauren H., Mom

What is Included in the Online Class?

  • 9 Video Lessons from Adrienne, Speech Language Pathologist.
  • Video lessons, fully online.
  • It will take you 30 minutes total to complete the whole class (I know you are a busy parent, so I keep the lessons concise and to-the-point, so you can start implementing the strategies today).
  • 7 printable checklists to keep your child on track.
  • Watch lessons on your smartphone, iPad, or computer at your convenience.

  • Lifetime access to the class. Go at your own pace. And rewatch them whenever you need. 

  • You can begin learning today.

Who is this Class Designed For?

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Caregivers
  • Early Learning Professionals
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Child age range: newborn to three years old.
  • For children who are not talking at all and/or children who are just beginning to talk a little.

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Here's how the class works:


As soon as you enroll, you will receive an email address with your log-in link and you will have access to the whole class. You'll print out your 7 Building Blocks Printables, and press play on the first video lesson.


As you go about your daily routine, try out your new skills the very same day with your toddler. Work your way down the printable lists and follow the instructions step-by-step.

What one Mom said about the class:

"We learned so much from you.
We've made visual cues for our son over the summer and he now requests yogurt, drink, and crackers!
He says, "I want yogurt, etc. He relies less and less on the cues.
He now says, "I want yogurt and drink" even without the visual cues.
It's just really encouraging!
He's also pointing and saying pictures in books on his own! Thank you again for your help."
~Camille, parent of a toddler & a student in my online class

I'm Ready to Learn How to Help My Toddler Talk!

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