Hey, I'm Adrienne!

This is how to sign "I love you" in Sign Language.

You're wanting to read about me.

But wait a second.

Let's talk about YOU for a minute...

YOU are the reason I create videos + online classes...

So I wrote a you a letter.

Scroll down to read it.

The more you read about you, the more you'll learn about me. :)

Let me be the first to say...you're darling.

Comfy in your “mom-uniform” for cozy toddler snuggles.

Dry shampoo + hat (the best combo), stretchy pants, and booger-encrusted t-shirt. Ooooh la la, so glam!

Pushing the red cart in Target, while your toddler babbles in his own little language. You wonder what's on his mind.

He is the boss...

he knows what he wants + he gets what he wants!

Mostly he just screams and points to things when he wants them. Is that normal?

The nagging feeling in the back of your mind: Shouldn't he be saying actual words by now?


sweeping the constant flow of crumbs under the high-chair

trying to get him to eat healthy (are these gummy bears organic?)

"Ok. Fine...you can watch Daniel Tiger again."

shoot...forgot the shampoo at Target. (At least I got fancy stickers from the Dollar Spot I'll never use)

when was the last time I had a haircut? Split ends for daaays.

Uh-oh...my sweet child is MELTING DOWN.

"Shhhh, shhh, its ok sweetie pie pumpkin angel, what's wrong? Are you hungry? Do you want to go outside? Oh, you want the blue cup? No? What is it? Tell me..."

*Covering my ears so my ear drums don't burst from his tantrum screaming.*

How do I not lose my mind when he's having a melt down 'cause I can't figure out what he wants??

You are in the right place!

That's where I come in:

I’m Adrienne, and I create online classes + Youtube videos to educate moms who feel worried, inadequate, helpless, anxious, and frustrated.


With a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders, I have been a American Speech-Language-Hearing Association certified Speech Language Pathologist since 2012.

In other words, I sign my name using my fancy-pants signature:
Adrienne, M.S. CCC-SLP.

I serve children who are in the birth to 3 year old age range in my state’s Early Intervention Speech Therapy program doing home-visits, where I coach + teach parents how to help their toddler talk by guiding them through a research-based hierarchy of the building blocks of talking skills.

  • I live in Kentucky with my husband + our rescue dog, Louie (AKA Louie-bear, pookie-bear, smoochie-bear, Mr. Bear...how do we have so many nicknames for such a little pup?).
  • My husband + I first met at a Swing Dancing event. If there is music + a dance floor, we’re out there doing some East Coast Swing moves + trying not to step on each others toes.
  • I am an INFP on the Myers Briggs Personality test. Yes...I am an outgoing introvert. Gotta recharge my batteries alone after being around a ton of people. One-on-one time with people is my favorite :)
  • Currently memorizing Colossians 3:1-17 with my small group. If you ever need to memorize anything, google:  "memory palace." I used that strategy and it totally worked for me to memorize 17 verses! I am a Christian + am thankful that my hope and rest is not found in this broken world. If you have questions, let me know, I'd be happy to listen to you.
  • I’m a peppermint tea kinda gal. I have tried to enjoy a cup of coffee...buuuuut sadly, it tastes like hot lima bean juice to me.


You are the mama who is secretly jealous + resentful...

...when your best friend won’t stop talking about how her brilliant prodigy daughter is talking in sentences already.


You are the mama whose cheeks turn red...

...when you answer, “Zero,”

when the pediatrician asks,

“So how many words is he saying now?”


My classes + videos show caring moms like you how to:

➜ turn toddler power struggles into toddler talking skills
➜ bring more meaningful toddler activities into your lives
➜ do more creative things, without feeling overwhelmed + scrolling on Pinterest for hours

How can I serve you today?

Listen close...most people don't tell you this: You don't need to buy fancy toys, fancy materials, and fancy gadgets to help your toddler talk more. I teach you how to layer in language skills into the mundane moments and the daily routines you are ALREADY doing with your toddler.

I'm nervous he is already behind in his speech and may not catch up to other kids his age:

Milestones Checklists for talking + speech development:

That’s me! Give me the free Milestones Checklist!

I want so badly to know what it is she is trying to tell me. Which usually turns into guilt and self doubt. What can I do differently?

Yes… I need to learn how to get my toddler talking.

Get my exact step-by-step process to get your toddler talking more + tantruming less

Sometimes I feel bored with my toddler, not sure what I can do with her.

I wish I knew how to be more creative with her.

Yes please! I want to watch Youtube videos with creative ideas to do with my toddler.

"Seriously, this girl knows how to teach, even to us difficult learners! She instantly becomes your helper and wants to see you succeed!"

Nicole Allison, Ohio
Speech-Language Pathologist, Speechpeeps.com

"My 17 month old daughter had no words yet. The videos are so nice and clear and easy to watch and learn from; but it's more than that. Adrienne is truly there for you and she cares! "

Becky, Missouri
Pictured with her 17 month old daughter

"My almost 3-year-old daughter Evey and I love this class, have access to it forever!"

Jenn Gray, Arizona
Owner of Jenn Gray LLC, Arizona

As seen in:

"We have different gifts...

if it is teaching, then teach;

if it is to encourage, then give encouragement...

if it is to lead, do it diligently."

Romans 12:6-8