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Which is why I want to make it super simple for you to connect with me!

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I receive hundreds of emails and if I were to respond to every email I receive, it would be another full time job.

This is why I have a system and boundaries for answering emails.

This is the order in which I respond to emails:

1. FIRST, I respond to students who have enrolled in my online class(es).

2. SECOND, I respond to inquiries about collaborations/partnerships that you send using this form.

3. I DO NOT respond to emails containing specific questions about your toddler's speech and language abilities. Instead, I recommend you seek advice from a local Speech-Language Pathologist in your area or refer them for an evaluation.

I am a one-woman team, so I can't make any promises about a timeline for my response time.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for a response from me! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Romans 12:6-8


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