You know those things they didn't teach you in school?

You'll learn them in my online your home!

You can learn 2 things from me:

1. How to help your toddler talk more

2. How to use Sign Language to communicate (you'll learn 300 of the most frequently used signs)


How to Help Your Toddler Talk More

You want someone to SHOW you how to help your child talk. Step-by-step video lessons. No fluff. Simple action steps...

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Baby Sign Language: Signs for Mealtimes

Is your toddler hungry, cranky, and can't talk yet? Learn 15 food and drink Sign Language words and HOW to teach you...

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Online Course for Sign Language Beginners

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Gift A Sign Language Online Course!

This Sign Language in 30 Days Course Gift Certificate means that YOU are giving the gift of a new skill...

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