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4 Sign Language Words Everyone Should Know...can YOU guess them?

May 16, 2016

Want to learn 4 Sign Language words? In under 3 minutes each?

These 4 Sign Language signs are essential for you to know to start out.

Click the pictures below to watch each video:



Did you guess them?

Having fun?

On a roll with learning sign langauge?

Feeling ambitious and inspired?

Perfect! You are energized by learning, and I am energized by teaching.

We make a great team. And Iove giving my best effort for my teammates like you. Sooooo...

Here are 6 more words you can guess and learn for yourself!

Click on the pictures to watch the videos:

My mission is to make learning Sign Language a breeze for beginners!

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Want to learn Sign Language? Not sure where to start? Here is my FREE gift to you

May 14, 2016

You are frustrated and overwhelmed trying to learn Sign Language from a BOOK. Why is it so frustrating?

3 words:


2. P  A  C  E


Learning Sign Language from a book would be like trying to learn a choreographed dance from a book.




You need to SEE the motion, pace, and expressions that go along with each sign. 

It is so hard to get that from a still photo in a book. This is why learning Sign Language in person or in a video is the best way to learn.

Want to get started on your Sign Language journey? Welcome! You are in the right place.
Download my beginner's FREE LESSON. It is a video where you learn the first Sign Language signs that EVERY beginner should know (plus my secret memory strategies that have helped thousands of people remember these signs).

So what has been stopping you from learning Sign Language?

Maybe you’ve tried to learn from a BOOK:

“I am trying to learn Sign...

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